India’s 1st Integrated borewell company executing HYBRID Borewell

Water Tree is recognized as a reputed Drilling Contractor offering reliable and result oriented Bore well Service, Water Bore well Service, Water Well Drilling Service, and Drilling in Rock.

Watertree’s hybrid borewells incorporates the very basic of replenishing the source (water source point) with Rain water . Do you know in Chennai, an approximate 2000 sft of roof & non roof area can save around 2 Lakh Liters of water each & every year? And in turn for a 4 member family, the domestic water requirement is little less than 2Lakh liters every year. Hence If we can harvest Rainwater we can ensure our borewells yield consistently for generations with out the need for going deeper or compromise on the usage of water.

How water tree is different from regular Borewell vendors?

1. WT uses latest Long range water detection equipment to conduct hydrogeological study to assess groundwater potential and identify potential locations for extraction.

2. Execute the borewell with defined scope, cost & time as a professional

3. Execute the custom made RWH Plan to make the borewell Hybrid


Our Specialities

The good news is Water tree provides the above Hybrid borewell system at a very reasonable price in a more professional & scientific ways.

  Slow Rig Drilling of 4 ½ ", 6 ½ ", 8", & 12" dia Borewells

  Power Rig Drilling of 4 ½ ", 6 ½ " dia Borewells

  Rock Drilling Specialist

  Bore well Drilling Service

  Domestic Bore well Drilling

  Industrial Bore well Drilling

  Rain Water Harvesting

Get you proper Bore well Done in 5days

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Liter’s of rain water harvested


Meter’s of Borewell Drilled

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Overall Rating 4.7 / 5

It's really good work and mine is only limited space and they have done this setup in three places by inter connecting. Very happy with Watertree team work.


Anna nagar

great service!! our long time issue of water shortage during summer months has been resolved, good job Team.



Good work and as per government guidelines they are doing for commercial and residential.



Good job. Action to Save our environment, Congrats for whole team doing this great job.



Innovation Design of Rainwater filter. It's simple, smart, and very easy for me to save rooftop rainwater for my borewell.

Rahunath .M


I have used Aquifer filter for over 3 years. I am very impressed with the quality and performance of this unit. Highly recommend everyone to purchase from this company."